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Nasty C – Pops Lyrics

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(You, you)

I got a plan for you, I’ll buy some land for you (You,?you)
(You)?You taught me?how to walk but I’ll stand?for you (You, you)
You make mistakes like everybody else but you’re my dad and you (You, you)
You did an amazin’ job, sir
You raised a man my dude (You, you)
Ayy, mama had good taste when she picked you, huh? (You, you)
You say, she felt strong as hell when she was with you, huh? (You, you)
You wear your pride with your gratitude out and it fits you, huh? (You, you) Ayy
Anyway, I’m out here givin’ them hell, man
Come and get your son

Hey man
If you appreciate ithayma lakho mfethu
It might be your mom, it might be your dad
If you appreciate your parents
And you love them and you’re gratedul for that they did for you
This one’s for you man
(You, you)

Hey look at what you did for me
Look at what you made bro
It’s going down in history
You passed me all your humbleness even some of your chivalry
Taught me how to pray my way out of all my misery
Taught me how to keep my head high but not medicinally
I still do it medicinally
You don’t judge or belittle me
Thank you for your patience
Thanks for lettin’ time tick with me (You, you)
See, I’m grateful ’cause you taught m how to be
And I’m hoping that will stick with me (You, you)
And if there\s anything I do with all my pride, is makin’ sure your children eat (You, you)
You gave us life, man, now it’s time for us to let you live it up, yeah (You, you)
Anything you wanna do, pops, call me and I could set it up

I’m proud of you pops, and I love you
I waited so long man and I worked so hard just to hear say is that you’re proud of me
And you said it and you meant it
That brought tears to my eyes bruh
So now I have to say It back to you: I’m proud of you
You raised us
You went through the most
You went through all the bullshit in the world but you always made sure we had a roof over our heads
Clothes on our back
And food on our table
And that’s what makes you a man now
I’m proud of you

It’s what you are
It’s what you mean
Always stayed down
Always believed in me
And I wanna say thank you
Thank you for loving me
Thick and through thin
Lose or win
I can always count on you ’til the end
And I wanna say thank you
Thank you for loving me

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