Nasty C – Kill The Noise Feat. Anica & Maglera Doe Boy Lyrics


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Nasty C – Kill The Noise Feat. Anica & Maglera Doe Boy Lyrics

Drownin’ out the echoes
Look into my eyes and find the window to my soul
And someday you’ll know, what\s happenin’ inside
Is it, is it a disguise?
Skin deep lies
Will I be alright?
When a part of me died

Shut the door and close all the curtains
Cut the lights, in case there’s someone lurkin’
Kill the noise, shower with detergent
Get the bleach and pour it on the surface
To numb the nerves, take a shot of Bourbon
With no ice so you can feel your chest burnin’
I can feel my ch?st burnin’
And I think it’s workin’
Take a deep breath
Life’s about to chang?
Say a prayer
Meditate and burn some sage
Prepare yourself for the next stage
Keep your story simple, this could keep you out the cage
He’s gonna hurt ya like he always hurt ya
Technically, if it was self defence it’s not murder
Guess nobody heard ya
Think nobody heard ya
Rest in peace to yet another burden

Hidin’ from my own reflection
Did it for my own protection
No objections means I didn’t sin
Jaded for a damn good reason
I’m the only weakness
Wait for it to sink in
Eyes wide open, barely blinkin’
Getting it, they deserved it
Trust me they deserved it
Tell me, was it worth it?
I did it on purpose

That’s whati t’s about
What you believe is what you allow
Faith is power, what you believe is what you receive
Kopa Ntate Modimo hlokomela my G’s
Hlokomela my people
Hlokomela the youth in the ghetto mo ha hona molao
Mo re hotse re bona tsohleho, never re e lebale
Mo re hotse re bona bagotsi ba nquma bagotsi, lieve e bohloko gale re lemala
But my mama told “Baby boy, you better read the bible”
Makazana taught me how to move like Daniel in the Lions Den
Shwy I roar, load nna ke Tau
How many hours? Ten thou’
That’s what you need, proceed
When it gets hard, just breathe
Take a breath and breathe
Made in his image, So the vision say G-O-D
Said lefatse le ours
So I’m pickin’ my flowers
Never livin in doubt
Gotta manoeuvre, figure the route
Gotta plan how you making it out
Plantin’ my seeds when they sprout
Manifest, figure it out
Don’t stress, figure it out

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