Get to Know TheBoyXketch ; Nigeria's Fast rising Artist



[Biography] Get to Know THEBOYXKETCH ; Nigeria next rated artist

theboyxxetch is soon to be a house hold name, with all the works he has being putting into his career. 

the artist who fuses Afrobeat and Hip hop is creating his own unique style of of music that will see him grace many stages. 

On our today's episode of 'Know your artist', we bring you great informations on theboyxketch. Read below and share!!


[Extended Play] TheboyXketch - Careless EP (4 track EP)


theboyxketch fully known as Ndubuisi Mpamugo Ugochukwu Christopher was born 29th December and he hails from Abia State. 

 His love for music Originated From being part of the backseat noisemakers In the class. It was then he developed a keen interest in rewriting lyrics for songs and then writing original lyrics for himself. 


Ndubuisi Mpamugo Ugochukwu Christopher has always being a brilliant student in school and a big fan of wanting to get his degree. He completed his high school at the prestigious Federal Government college, OHAFIA, and is still out there going for more degrees. 

During his school days, in both high school and Tertiary, he developed healthy relationships, which will be instrumental as he kickstarts his music career fully.


Theboyxketch Taps mentorship and inspiration from Burna Boy, He's a solid guy and lots of people love him for being real!!.

Theboyxketch is a painter, Writer and meaning he understands arts to a great deal.

His song writing skills date as far back as his junior secondary school days, but his music career officially started recently with the release of his banging single titled 'CHECK and BALANCE'. With His Unique Voice and His ability to convey deep emotions through his music will earned him proper recognition in the industry,

His wise saying is ' Just do it carelessly, the outcome is already written. It's destiny’.

You can reach out on all social media platforms 


[email protected]

WhatsApp: +2348156166874

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