MOBIM BRAND (An African Luxury Fashion Brand)




MoBim Brand – An African Luxury Fashion Brand, With a Resounding Motto of “Be African, Wear African, Feel African”

MoBim, a name evocative of elegance and power, resonates deeply with its founder, Stanley Obinna Samuel Chimaobim, “My Heart of Fashion” philosophy – a passionate pursuit of translating love for design into exquisite, opulent pieces that capture the very essence of African luxury.

MoBim is not Just a Brand, Mobim is the Embodiment of African Luxury Clothing.

MoBim Brand is Registered with the CAC as a Legitimate Business brand

In an interview with Our Correspondence MoBim Founder, Stanley Obinna Samuel Chimaobim, was asked some Questions below about his brand which he gave his responses to. Read below

Q: Sir Nice to Have this Session with you, please can we know you?

A: The Pleasure is all mine, My Names are Stanley Obinna Samuel Chimaobim.

Q: Who is the real owner of Mobim ?????
A: Stanley Obinna Samuel Chimaobim

Q: What is the Main purpose of    
A: MoBim mission is to become the Leader in African luxury clothing markets, in Africa and Across the Globe.

Q: What year was MoBim Founded in and Where??
A: MoBim Was Founded in Nigeria, in the Year 2017, But we Officially Launched as Brand This Year January 2024

Q: What are the Core values of MoBim ?????
A: We pursue to Build a worldwide brand with the purpose of styling the Populace in African Luxurious Attires, While also each other, and the world at large better for a greater collective future.

Q: What Kind of brand is Mobim?
A: Mobim is an African luxury fashion brand.

Q: What is the secret behind the M, shaped like an elephant on Mobim Logo?
A: it Stands for Goodluck, Prosperity, and the power to remove obstacles and negative forces.

Q: Who came up with the logo design/concept?
A: Mobim logo was designed in Canada, Regina City Sk, by Mr. Ayotunde Pelumi Ayodele and Mr. VICTOR EKENE  

Q: Where is MoBim Office Located?

A: The Location Mall, Besides Rockview Hotels 

23 Road Festac Town, Lagos Nigeria

Business Open Hours 8am to 7pm
Monday – Saturday

Closed on Sundays

You can Visit Our Walk in Store Address or Shop Online on our Website using the link Below

Contact MoBim Brand:

Phone Number: +2349132477813

Email: [email protected]

Follow Us On Socials:

Instagram: @Mobimbrand

Facebook: MoBim

Listed Below are the MoBim Brand Hierarchy

Mobim CEO:  Regina Ezinna Alex

Mobim  General Manager: Mr Zino Johnson 

Mobim  Marketing Manager:  Mr Emeka Ajayi Mbadiwe

Business Address:


Business open Time 8am to 7pm
Monday till Saturday



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