[Lyrics] Wordz – TRAINING DAY Lyrics



[Lyrics] Wordz – TRAINING DAY Lyrics

Yeah (Yeah)
Yeah (Yeah)
Yeah (Yeah)
Yeah (Yeah)
Look (Look)

I don’t deal with that he said, she said
He ain’t drop yet
My passion ain’t my job, I’m just makin’ money vibin’
Repercussions of the exodus
The genesis of records meets intelligence
A diamond feels at home under pressure (Pressure)
The beat is mashed when they collectin’ evidence
In the past, future and thе present tensе
Call me when you’re ready
Now I know why nigga’s heart’s is heavy
I can see it in your eyes, it was effy

[Outro: 50 Cent]
You know what my grandpa told me?
You only get as far as the motherfuckers you talk to for no reason
You’ll be as successful as the motherfuckers that you talk to for no reason
What I mean is, if you spendin’ your day talking to a nigga that ain’t got nothing going on
What the fuck kind of information could he offer you??
(My people)

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