[Lyrics] Show Dem Camp – Packaging Lyrics



[Lyrics] Show Dem Camp – Packaging Lyrics

This guy so you just bought this ride abi
This guy I don’t even want to hear anything
This guy whaa
This guy we are going out tonight mehn
This guy we have to wash this stuvs mehn
This guy you are running mad
They will hear word today are they mad
Gerrout of here
My home boy just bout a new whip
Gotta wash that bitch like spladaaa
Anytime I say wash
All my day one niggas like scamaa
Watch niggas pull up on shorty like skrrrr
Where you going to with that yansh
Can I help you
No baby na me wan help you here’s my number dial am
One billion point one with the blood-clat chi its final
Ever seen a black man living his dream that’s me nigga right now
I come alive in the night time nocturnal as white owl
Got that blue pill flow for ya all you gotta do is bite down
Baby take it all in come see the other side of my town
Where the rent costs an arm and a leg round here you ain’t gotta stop for the fed
Every tom dick and his moms a celeb
Abeg we packaging don’t blame me dude
Look what society made me do
Got no choice as a lazy youth
But to scam niggas with this Mercedes coup
See this guy ehn bazikly ehn
What you are going to do for your guys now
As your guy ehn we have to land that sip first
See those bouncers eh those ones that always bouncing guys
Guys will enter there with pant and vest
Now lemme see if they will bounce guys
They are mad
Yeah let me tell you bout wash and set heh
In this Lagos if you try follow person you’ll be lost I swear
Better shine your eyes realize it is not by flex
Cos some guys wey dey flex all know less than you guy yes
This guy abeg snap one selfie next to this Benz abeg
No dough but we package up hmm
Even God must be tired of us hmm
I know a guy ask for one red-bull
Every time we see him inside the club
Ha in his pockets not a thousand bucks
But his fresh kaftan omo live as fuck
Men I stopped going out for two years
Came back and The guy was still inside the club
Still blamming babes like a big dawg
When they see say na wash they be pissed off
I know a pie never left this land
But her fo-me men too impressive fam
Guy made me just sit down like
Let me clock this scam like
Swear with all this wash if I no fit swim
Guys might just drown omo
What you trying to get into
Trying not to laugh not tryna offend you
Tryna yarn guys all the places she been to
With talent like that you suppose dey on tinsel
I just vexed like wallah your fada
Asked her where she live she said
Iyana paja
I was weak shit that was deep
My home-girl went from taxify
To pushing a new range in a week hmm
Omo said her kitty’s sweet hmm
And you are what you eat
Men she blew me a kiss as she zoomed off
These Buhari times peak
These Buhari times are deep my guy so bazikly as a lazy youth man
You gat how to package the stuv so bazikly now this guy let me tell you the package now
So bazikly we’ll go and block this guy you know am
Na Forbes guy shulla all this guy
Just yarn the guy bazikly just organize one meeting
Now in the meeting now we just take one big booty babe tour now take her to the meeting now
All those old guys will now be
Mesmerised by the booty you understand
When they are asking questions
They’ll now ask aa
Who’s that babe now
Next thing they’ll have to go through guys
For the link up
You understand
Packaging bra
This guy all day everyday this guy dey been no even know why I go out
All they will know is that ma the one collecting that doh sha
This guy Buhari time if you like sleep
If you like sleep my niggar its sha like groppin

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