[Lyrics] Show Dem Camp – 4th Republic ft. Dap the Contract & Vector Lyrics

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[Lyrics] Show Dem Camp – 4th Republic ft. Dap the Contract & Vector Lyrics

[Verse 1: Vector]
Well I heard a lot of claims
Seen a lot of things
On my way to greatness
If it’s Spax then it’s gotta be a…
Many claim in these buhari times
If you only carry rhymes
You go soon carry arms
Its a cold world
And you can’t even afford a cardigan
But the Siberian husky has really taught you
To chill and adapt
An icon (ikon) with the wolves
But im verily Emery everly steady to raise the canon
And put a Torriera on the pitch you play
Jam em! jam em! pick up a piano and grand slam em
Cause they were fishy like salmon
Meaning your wife is married to real bitch
Or you should get your gown on
Until the last surviving human singer drops an album
Ta lo kpe ta lon da wun gan
And if dem say dem dey find
The realest of its kind
Tell the person searching that you found one
Teslim left the beam that devours them
Enter the real rap club e sure me
That e say dem go bounce them
Most no go try come even if you invite them
So I do not engage them whenever i sight them
The shades no be for light alone….
What else do you want me to say
Leave me alone
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[Verse 2: DAP The Contract]
Check, in our city we work minimum wage
People work in our homes working like slaves
So how we living the life we live in danger
Cause I was born in the life not in a manger
Like how we live in the capital with no capital
No water in my tank but oil money in the bank
Cat calls like bat calls
For niggas wanna hit the cat raw
But we can’t love our women
Momma told me “go to church”
But they’re sinning, I only go for you momma
And I love singing
The preacher got a Bentley lord please forgive me
Its war ain’t no pity but still love my city
And people poor like Edgar Alan
While I rhyme like Edgar Alan
You couldn’t fathom my grind since I was seven
Ain’t no telling how the city would look at Ellen
Degenerates claim that theirs no rights for gays
If you had lived the life I lived you couldn’t hate
It’s all love but it’s a disgrace and I’m ashamed
But we ain’t phased sip mai tai in sun rays
On sundays its sunshine and sunshades
Faded underneath the money tree
The money hide the pain
Are growing as people but the culture stay the same
Gotta chang… just told the begger I ain’t got no change
But I stay fly till the day I die I die for my name I’m gone
[Verse 3: Tec]
Really that’s just dap spitting facts
Had to snap best rappers around should be the caption
A different movie but it’s still the same cast when
It’s all said and done, man i swear we moving backwards
Buhari times pay attention to the tracklist
This country where the politicians
Masters of the catfish
Switching sides, that’s the tactic
Where house of cards can’t compare
To the subplots and mad twists
Mad scripts, no dough we say na cashless
Sometimes it’s hard to tell
Whether we’re hungry or were fasting
In 08 what I’d pay to get to jand
Will only get me to Ghana now
My guy it’s all a scam (wallai!)
The other day, men I swear I saw a Lambo
At the toll gate getting scratched by a danfo
I thought of life, stay humble as you plan bro
One day you’re in the clouds
The next day you’re Ambo
They tried to small doctor guys
They can’t hold us down
We pulling out the punches
Like Deontay in the final round
This year we got a lot more
Allow your top 5 chappie
If you don’t have us at the top floor
[Verse 4: Ghost]
Now lemme bounce off the energy outsourced
In this relay, pass the baton I got fourth
What broke the camels back? surely the last straw
Montana flows that’s on my word and brass balls
See everyone with our coat of arms on their passports
Knows the pain of rejection yet its hard to adapt towards
Sounds of generators blaring out from householders
It’s hot as hell yet hearts stay as cold as the south pole
This rat race got peeps sniffing from mouseholes
For cheese, so I got a light saber like Darth Maul’s
Sharp at both ends, cause poverty with no lems
And grown men sleeping at baba ijebu’s a known trend
So God forgive me for ever being ungrateful
And if i eventually lose this power of greyskull
To shock battle cats with raps let it be graceful
So these rhymes become like the finest wine and age slow
But back to this country I call home
Where sallah meat can turn a region into a war zone
You know it deep when the bank itself gets foreclosed
Forget a pipe dream best invest in a borehole
It’s crazy

And what your party intend to do
To reform healthcare, in Nigeria?
We are bringing, from Germany
Big big hospitals, we are bringing machines
You’re bringing the whole hospital?
Yeeees! in container….

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