[Lyrics] Nasty C – Alabama Lyrics



[Lyrics] Nasty C – Alabama Lyrics

Casually walking in yeah yeah yeah yeah
I was casually walking in casually walking towards your bitch
I can’t really talk to you pardon me
I am on a mission call me sergeant yeah
Now you got a bad man started see
Is it hard to see that it ain’t a part of me that’s made of pussy
Even though I was made in it I am hot shit like I was made in a backyard event
I am not like nothing I am hard as it
I am smooth as butter but I ain’t move or utter a word till I see the bread
And I’m on that shit short nigga but the racks stand opposite
Yeah diamond necklace I’m shining effortless
In this water I taught a shark to swim
I am young and reckless all my young and yelling out gang gang gang gang to be part of it
Ready really be bringing the Armageddon
My arms already in a position I’m armed and ready
So calm and steady when I’m when I make the bass drop from the top
Tell me now are you ready for the return of the king
I’ve been learning the ropes while learning to cope
I’m turning to hope when shit goes good bru I’m pulling a smoke
When shit goes bad nigga never provoke uh check it
You can never get ahead of me believe me many have tried, have a Gucci, Prada, Fendi, really anything money can buy
Really anything money can buy yeah
You can see I’m moving steady for this life I am willing to die
Never know you make if you haven’t proceeded to try
Told em I stay driven hope you’re coming along for the ride
Hope you’re coming along for the ride
Let me get to work just to prove my ass
I look around like who might last
I think I just got a call from your girl and I didn’t pick up look ooh my bad
I do things that make these girls emotional
Anything I say that shit a quotable
I just go and get my things I need
Touch the stage I get my bag I leave
We bout to drop mark your calendar
The time is said get me on camera
We stay up grinding recording I know it’s my time
Cause I did that I had that I found me a job and I tried to adapt
Worked for a week but that shit was a trap
Now I’m in it the music I’m hoping it lasts and I pray that I tall up my racks

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