EP: Shamsiyya - Samweezad


Samweezad is a rap/afrobeats artist he started music since 2015 way back in Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic.

He's been doing it on a low but he decided to make a new move by taking it to the world not just the street

Shamiyya is an album ya all gonna be jamming on a replay.

Samwezad was known with the name samwezee.... 

1. Samweezad - Bum Bum

2. Samweezad - Head to Toe

3. Samweezad - Shamsiyya

4. Samweezad ft Prinxeboko - Amaka (I go nack )

5. Samweezad ft Prinxeboko - Marry You

6. Samweezad ft Prinxeboko - My Turn

7. Samweezaz - For You

8. Samwezee - My Baby

9. Samwezee - My Nigga

10. Samwezee - Money

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