[Lyrics] Kida Kudz – In My Country Lyrics


Mo shey ileri fun orile ede mi, Nigeria
Lati je olotito ati eni ti o shey f’okantan
Lati sin pelu gbogbo ipaa mi
Lati da’bo bo pelu ishokan (Jiggy)
Ati fun igbe soke, owoh ati ogo re (Jiggy Boyz)
Ki Oluwa ran mi lowo
Can I tell you about my country?
Nigeria, my country
Girls bendin’ real in my country
He gat plenty ‘tack in my country
We got police and thief in my country
We got plenty criminals in my country
They are killin’ us, we are dyin’
All my people sufferin’ and smilin’
Why you wanna trouble us?
Why you wanna take our joy?
Why you wanna blow our head up with your toy?
Then we keep quiet like ah don’t have a voice
Couple years ago
Me and my bro, Kola, in a Benzo
Crusin’ on the Third Mainland Bridge
Couple young gees
Police chasin’ us down the grid lock, who were some thieves (in their car)
Lookin’ in my breath, real
We were stronger, this thick from left to right (left to right)
And e got me thinkin’
That is gone, I’m takin’ my tithes
Growin’ up in my country
Me, normal guys dey fuck real (normal normal)
Mothers are cryin’
Sons are dyin’
We gat to stop it
Oga police, wetin be this?
Na which kind yawa be this oh?
I just be small pikin oh
Why you come dey do me like this oh?
I can’t even step out and dress in style
‘Cause police go stress my life
I can’t even use grammar to save my life
‘Cause police go slap my eye
I can’t even grow my dada
Dread hair, there’s another criminals
I can’t even drive a nice car in peace
To the victims wey dey rest in peace
Ayy-ayy-ayy-ayy, yeah-yeah, ayy-yeah (yeah)
E dey pain me gaga
E dey pain me gaga
Eledumare, yeah-ayy
E dey pain me gaga
Eledumare, gaga oh
E dey pain me well well oh, ohh-yeah
Kolade Johnson
Jimoh Isiaka
Ifeoma Abugu
Uzi Joseph
Tina Ezekwe
Emmanuel Egbo
Chukwuemeka Mathew Onovo
Chibuike Anams
Christian Onuigbo
Chika Ibeku
Gabriel Ejoor Owoicho
Precious Odua
Johnson Nnameka
Stephen Agbanyim
Chidi Odinauwa
Azuamaka Victor Madueago
Tiamiyu Kazeem, Kaka
Christian Ogwuke
Aneka Okorie
Solomon Eze
Ayomide Taiwo
Godspower Etoha
Chinedu Meniru
Augustina Arebu
Ifeanyi Ozor
Ekena Isaac Megbe
May the heaven ones stand up for una, you understand?
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