Poco Lee – Unleash lyrics ft Kizz Daniel


Poco Lee – “Unleash” ft. Kizz Daniel

Poco Lee!!!
VADO the greatest still!!
No bad songs! Original!

{Verse 1: Kizz Daniel}
Let me kasamingo (gbemi!!)
Gbemikasanova ah!
Won jealous me, Awon carpenter!
(awon carpenter !!)
Them say roger mula wa!.. Eyan damendra!!

{Chorus: Kizz Daniel}
Unleash!!… Unleash e dorime!
Unleash!!… Unleash e omoge!
Jero na Jero, Doro na Doro!!
Oluchi Oluchi, Sumo mi oluchi.. Ayee!!
Unleash!!… Unleash e dorime!
Unleash!!… Unleash e omoge!.. ee-ya!
Make my sun shine moon.. light!!
Make I face e front.. Omo aye-ye!!

{Verse 2: Kizz Daniel}
Gbemide’be!!… Gbemi overcomer!
My G, My G.. My brother!!
You are too high but I cover you!
My girl is eyeing me…
So I can’t touch ikebe anyhow!
But if you bring am to me!
I go touch.. I go yarn oh ye give it to me!

Unleash!!… Unleash e dorime!
Unleash!!… Unleash e omoge!
Jero na Jero, Doro na Doro!!
Oluchi Oluchi, Sumo mi oluchi.. Ayee!!
Unleash!!… Unleash e dorime!
Unleash!!… Unleash e omoge!
Make my sun shine moon.. light!!
Make I face e front.. Omo aye-ye!!

{Outro: Poco Lee}
This is the life I choose !
This is the life I choose !
This is the life I choose !
VADO the greatest still !
Poco lee ! ! (Shsssh!!)…
Unleash by Poco Lee & Kizz Daniel Lyrics Decoded

Poco Lee, who is a famous Nigerian entertainer, makes another musical entry with the astounding song “Unleash”, which features Kizz Daniel. Poco Lee and Kizz Daniel’s extraordinary talent and distinctive musical taste are on full display in “Unleash.” They quickly transport listeners on a mesmerizing musical journey with their sultry vocals and engaging personalities. A wide range of music lovers are sure to connect with the song’s relatable themes and enticing melodies.

The intriguing song “Unleash featuring Kizz Daniel” by Poco Lee has just been distributed, providing his admirers with a mouthwatering musical feast. With his previous singles, the multi-talented performer made waves across 2023 and had a big impact on the Nigerian music scene. A notable contribution was also made by Nigerian superstar Kizz Daniel, who worked with the fantastic entertainer on the recently released hit song.

Due to its enticing fusion of energetic beats, upbeat melodies, and catchy choruses, the song “Unleash by Poco Lee and Kizz Daniel” envelops listeners and creates a pleasurable musical experience. The award-winning Nigerian singer Kizz Daniel’s collaboration with Poco Lee makes “Unleash” even more distinctive. Their combined efforts result in a fantastic verse that adds depth and vigor to the already fascinating tune. The song is made more appealing by Kizz Daniel’s innate liking for Afrobeats, culminating in an exhilarating duet that is sure to excite fans. Keep in mind that Kizz Daniel’s success in this song is also a testament to his talent and creativity.

In the feel-good song “Unleash” by Poco Lee, Kizz Daniel sings about being enthralled by a female. He is so overcome by this that he is willing to do everything for her since he believes that only her radiance can redeem him. As a result, he is trying to persuade her to keep doing her. due to its frantic beat and interesting verses, “Unleash” is especially recommended for fans of Afrobeat and contemporary Nigerian music. The music is one of Poco Lee and Kizz Daniel’s most recent songs for 2023 and demonstrates their exceptional talent. It is a true gem that should be on your playlist.

Poco Lee ft. Kizz’s “Unleash” lyrics Daniel speaks on the admiration the singer has for his woman because she can calm him down. This illustrates how the lady always understands what he needs, thus she is able to provide him with exactly what he wants so he encourages her to unleash. Poco Lee ft. Kizz Daniel’s song, “Unleash”, is about how a woman has brought so much steadiness to his life that he can’t live without her so he just wants more of that from her. We also hear Poco Lee say – “this is the life I chose…unleash everything unleashable”.

Over the past few years, the entertainer’s exceptional songs have received a lot of good notice. Additionally, Poco Lee has a successful track record of continuously generating hit songs. It’s remarkable to see how much Poco Lee’s incredible charm influenced the brand-new tune, which music lovers will unquestionably like. You can also take your time enjoying Kizz Daniel’s captivating music, which combines Afro influences with his own distinct sensation and aura. Additionally, due to the superstar aura and particular energy he openly imparts to his music, the song is just the kind of sound that everyone enjoys listening to.

The hype man and dancer in the music scene, Poco Lee, has just released his newest song, “Unleash” which features the gifted musician Kizz Daniel. With its contagious beats and intriguing lyrics, this track is sure to capture listeners all across the world.

With the recent release of this hot song, Kizz Daniel continues to display his artistic talent and produce music that seems to be the standard. His most recent release, on which Poco Lee offers vocal assistance, exemplifies his capacity to craft intriguing tunes while stubbornly adhering to his individual approach. Poco Lee, a gifted Afrobeats/Dancehall musician, entertainer, and dancer, has an astounding collaboration on his studio song called “Unleash” with the Afropop sensation Kizz Daniel. The gifted singer expertly handles his verse and puts his all into this piece of art to produce something original. We promise that the delivery of the explicit song “Unleash” will be praised for its exceptional quality.
Replay Value

“Unleash” is an exhilarating song by Poco Lee and Kizz Daniel that seems like a wonderful depiction of their musical ability and originality. The artist’s fan base has been happily astonished by this groundbreaking release, which is guaranteed to be a huge hit everywhere.

It’s interesting that “Unleash” is one of those songs that can be played repeatedly without getting old. It goes without saying that listening to this Kizz Daniel rhythm will provide you with a lovely musical experience. You should listen to Poco Lee’s song – “Unleash” – where he is featured in order to fully comprehend his remarkable artistic vision for this Afrobeats genre.
RatingDelivery: 1.8/2
Lyricism: 1.7/2
Relatability: 1.8/2
Mixing and Production: 1.8/2
Replay Value: 1.8/2

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